Workshop > The Guy in the Tin Foil Hat's Workshop. Talk to Skjor 2. Head inside the Underforge, and when you are ready tell Skjor to begin the ritual. Keep in mind that you’ll hit a cooldown period. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Some of them are surprisingly powerful, which is why it's a huge shame the Dragonborn isn't able to join them. Like, they bring you to the Underforge, Aela transforms, they offer you the beast blood, then you just refuse and hear that Aela is going to the Silver Hand camp anyways. When the Companions tell you to talk to Skjor (to start The SIlver Hand), wait until after 10 PM before you talk to him. Share. He will then open the secret entrance and encourage you to follow. Jump to: navigation, search. Kill the werewolf hunters 7. If so, reload a save from a point in the game before you started The Silver Hand quest. I would suggest to first mauling the silver hand working the tanning rack (the one seen above). Starting to run low on gold and supplies, the Silver Hand's sister camp at Gallows Rock asks you for help. Sometimes, you can transform again after the Rampage stage, but before the Gallows Rock stage, enabling you to fight the Silver Hand in Beas