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Dirty Dawson: They say every dog has his day... but this' ain't gonna be yours, ya flea-bitten cur! But that means... ...are you ready? He gave me a widdle kissy! Of course you can,|you naughty man! long as|it's written down for me. Wretched dogs! Golly, I'm good. €16.99. Hey, seeing spots! "You can still wind up|a hero" Ooh, ooh, don't tell me.|Let me guess. Have a megafantabulous day! Oh, a fuzzy wuzzy|little puppy poo! And his trusty sidekick, Little Lightning. The devil woman! Oh, stop it!|Stop it! Thunderbolt's coming! Uh... ...who can see|into her tortured soul. Ha! Hold on!|They can't have gone far. Poo-poo.|Little puppy poo. the world that you're|not just another dog.'re 100... Ha!|I do this all the time. You see,|I'm not really a... How very "Christmas morning|with the twinkle lights" of you. I got to get|through here! Thanks, Gus.|Cheers. That's what I do! Oh, no, this one|is no good at all... Growl! D'oh! play_arrow. He doesn't care about you|or your family. 17:19. ...seem to care. So, how do I make my shockingly|unexpected and triumphant return? Description. He was just trying to get|his name in the paper... Hmm? Pre-cisely. You know, get your name|in the paper... Buy. I'll kick bigger|than Old Yeller! No problem. "So if you try that climb|one more time" See those windows? Here's your next test,|kid. Her heart is like|a vast, dark ocean... Ready, Rolie? "If at first|you don't succeed, yeah" -|Aaaah! Oh, no! You're dead.|You never come back. Sounds like episode 34|to me. Shut up, you! - Ooh. What is your situation? Oh, don't you get it,|kid? Hmm? Ah! 37, 36, 5, 50, 8, um...|minus 2, carry the 3, and, um... Roger: Oh, goodness! Pongo: "Ah, that's me, living my new life as a family man. He saved us. Hello, there! Ugh! Thunderbolt! - Kanine Krunchies!|- Kanine Krunchies! 101. Banque robbers! Oh, I'm sorry.|You've got the wrong dog, kid. know, in episode 13,|"The Flaming Flea Circus"? You come from a family|of 101, too. How unspeakably rude|of Anita to move away... Dirty Dawson: That mangy mutt can't save you this time! 6... All right, everybody. "Caboodle lay-dee-ooh-ooh" You die. 26... Here he comes now! Oh, don't look|so put-out. - Aaah! 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure. "To make the winds of fortune|blow right" Oh, it's you. The endearing tale of Disney’s animated classic 101 Dalmatians continues to unfold in the delightful, all-new 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure. Aaaaaaaaah! Hold it. Lost in a sea of spots, little Patch longs to stand out from the other puppies and dreams of being a “One Of A … Now I got to go take|your place on the show... "Oh, yeah" Finally, no more counting. "Try again" Come on now, Horace.|Dogs ain't that smart. - When he was drowning in the water tower.|- You can't do this! (Two guard dogs carry Little Lightning to shore.). Patch: This is just like "Double-cross at Dead Man's Ditch," except that was a mine car, not a train. Little Lightning: No, no! - Aaah. Oh, I don't know how to say|this, but the truth is... A cat is stuck|up in that tree! Yeah, you were|on the Twilight Bark. After each bonus level is a cut scene that consists of a handful of still frames from the movie with accompanying text. They're not... Soft enough...|you know, cuddly... Sheesh! I guess I got my wish.". Perdita: Watching the television, are we? Anita: Roger, are you packing or playing? I can't end up on the street,|homeless, foraging in trash cans. 101 DALMATIANS 2 - Patch's London Adventure DVD NEW - $8.54. Hello, boys! In last week's thrilling episode, wholesome Tommy was kidnapped... Wholesome Tommy: Help, Thunderbolt, save me! More like a nightmare. "Gambling Gophers|of Gunfire Gulch." Ha ha! Oh, Lars,|now what am I to do? Hmm? Don't you watch TV? "Eeeb-a-dee-bop|sa-dum-wa-dum" 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure Trailer [2003] Filmow. "He's one-of-a-kind" Roam through the streets and rooftops of London as well as the ponds and fields of the surrounding countryside in … Why do you want|photographers around? It's just like in episode 27 when|you whupped those two grizzlies! Hey, get over on the right|side of the road, buddy! ...stealthy. -|Ooh. Does no one get the point? Ow! I went out and did|something heroic in the real world? what far shore|have you flown? Hey, maybe you and I can chase some chickens, huh? Remember the time when you|fought that grizzly bear... Disney's 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure is a 101 Dalmatians themed action platforming game. Patch is able to dig, roll, bark, and jump as he runs through London and the surrounding area. I've had just about enough|of this! Aah! "The only question's"When?" "He's one-of-a-kind" You should despise me. You are Patch, one of the famous 101 Dalmatians, and your family has accidentally abandoned you in London during a move to the countryside. I am not|your little buddy! Whoa! Menu HOME; CHI SIAMO; AZIENDA. Aah! That's one! ...and all of a sudden there's|somebody trying to take your place. "Caboodle lay-dee-ooh" "If you give it|one more shot" You should have seen|Patch, mother. I think you can sneak|past them. It sort of looks like you... (Sometime later, the bad guys are being picked up by the police.). They suck all the blood|out of you, do you hear me? "Try again" Oh, Patch, you're safe! Oh, well, all right. Mighty Thunderbolt|is here! Thunderbolt's in London. Episode 4. Well, I come from|this really big family. Ahh!|That's more like it. (The picture was taken and it shows the pups and Thunderbolt and it shows Little Lightning an unkindest cut of all. Now, please let me in! You know, I never knew it|would be so much fun out here... Lost in a sea of spots, little Patch longs to stand out from the other puppies and dreams of being a “One Of A … Disney's 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure,, Some levels are set on Cherry Tree Farm, despite. ...and you're 101. Ugh! HD. Heh heh heh.|The press is gonna love this. 98 away! Mmm! Tell me what cloud dares cast a shadow on the flower? This is|just like in episode 37... And who knows?|If you do real good... - Ugh! Not even for a cameo|in the remake. Patch is one of the larger pups in Pongo and Perdita's litter. "The Flight|From the Forbidden Fort"? Maybe|they didn't hear you. "Try, try again" That's right. They're all here! -|Ugh! Aah! I came|as soon as I heard. "A doggone son of a gun|now, baby" Well... Go ahead. "|- "Try, try, try again" "And don't you ever stop, no" ...who understood the complexity|that is Cruella! Lightning,|don't let 'em hurt me! "I'm the one" Episode 18! Cruella: You mean there's more? Those crazed badgers|are trying to eat their heads! "So if you get one try|and that don't fly" A gift... For me? 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure is a 2003 American direct-to-video animated adventure musical drama film, written and directed by Jim Kammerud and Brian Smith, released by Walt Disney Home Entertainment on February 25, 2003, and based on Dodie Smith's characters, The Hundred and One Dalmatians and is also inspired by The Starlight Barking. This is brilliant! This is all my fault.|If only I hadn't lost count. I'm afraid all I'll ever be|is one of 101. I heard it through|the Twilight Bark. Don't you worry. I knew a guy|who came from a big litter... What if "Blunderbolt"|gets lucky and succeeds? I told you, Thunder. Ugh! -|Ugh! Tell all. Freckles, dear,|stop helping. You die. Did we ually find a good Disney sequel? ...but I can act like one. You are Patch, one of the famous 101 Dalmatians, and your family has accidentally abandoned you in London during a move to the countryside. I know we don't have|the best writers in television... Yeah. Well, in my case, it all hinged|on getting just the right agent. Search. "Painting of them," he says. "If you give it|one more shot" Did you see that? ...we won't be made fools of. The ones|that were kidnapped?'s... it's... Perfect. Oh, there's more! 1996 103m. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure movie free online 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure free online. Are you okay? 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure is an action-adventure/platforming game based on the film of the same name. He is? Ugh! "Try again" If I can't have|a masterpiece... Well, well. Uhh! ...if I'm going to finish|my new song. ...for a pretty|young lady like yourself? Ohh! We'll let them know|I'm on my way. One-of-a-kind! ...and I find out|my star is missing! There's an emergency! Where is the artist? - A cataclysm!|- Ohh! While we's left|rottin' away in here. It makes me smile a lot. "Mimmy-zop ba-dum, wa-dum,|yeah" I know you. Really? Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Honest! Roam through the streets and rooftops of London as well as the ponds and fields of the surrounding countryside in your quest to find them. Oh, this is wonderful! "Try again" Available on. "He's the one" ...on whose waves|I am hopelessly adrift... Cruella? - Whoa!|- It's okay! 101. Your harsh words strike me like blows|from the fists of a large dockworker. That's the same disguise|you used in episode 18... Aaah! Pongo: J- J-Just a minute, son. I just thought you were gonna do|what you did on Raccoon Ridge... Junior deputy test?|Which episode was that in? Dad, I've just got to see Thunderbolt tomorrow. Never a dull moment. Mum never liked me. Thunderboltis a character fromOne Hundred and One Dalmatiansand the deuteragonist of the2003sequel101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure. Well, if she wants us... Come on! That was the one where|you run, pounce, and leap. You go ahead.|I'll hold them off... With Barry Bostwick, Jason Alexander, Martin Short, Bobby Lockwood. V- Very good. ...and another and another|and another... Yes! Yes, I know, but tomorrow is moving day. "Caboodle lay-dee-ee-ooh" Ohh. Aaah! You bet! Then I'm not gonna miss|them! ...for "The Thunderbolt|Adventure Hour"! "On the floors, in the drawers, yes, I do", "Can't wait to begin our sweet living that's in", Pongo: (narrating) "Yes, tomorrow would be moving day. So... Wholesome Tommy: Help, Thunderbolt! Hang on, little kitty! - Go on, Jasper.|- Go! They're all inside,|Jasper. Right.|That's it, then! 2000 100m. Description. Ugh! collect all 60 bones in 45 seconds) every 4 or 5 levels that help give the game more variety. Horace, Jasper! It's just not fair. Still no photographers? I'll get the brake. Off your bums, lads. Yes! London. The world-famous|Thunderbolt... Huh? What's the matter,|little fella? 101 Dalmatians II Patch's London Adventure Part 19. Create a masterpiece|in a new medium. Oh, Lightning,|you gotta help me. Like a dream,|Horace, me lad. Oh, well, kid, uh... Aw, Lightning,|you're one-of-a... "Now, if you find|you're batting zero" Cruella: This could be it! Patch, I just... He is a famousGerman ShepherdTV wonder dog with a German accent. Whoa! Did you see that? Uh, aren't those monkeys? Something I can... Aah! Patch? I'm just saying maybe the|puppies are still upstairs... "Try, try, try again" "If you don't give in,|you're gonna win" Sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak,|sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak. The farm will be such a wonderful place to raise our puppies. Mum, Dad,|this is Thunderbolt. Buy, Rent or Watch 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure and other Movies + TV Shows online. Unleashing every ounce of Disney magic, 101 DALMATIANS thrills audiences of all ages with fast-paced adventure and comedy -- featuring a brilliant performance by Glenn Close as Cruella De Vil. There they are!|Get them! Whoa! Everybody, stay here until I|tell you it's safe to come out. you do on the show,|but in the real world? Puppies, welcome|to your new home! Huh? Come on!|Haven't you seen the show? How... Can you shoot...|a show without... A star? And you are|no wonder dog! Thunderbolt: You know, they're right, kid. "Caboodle lay-dee-ooh-ooh" ), avoid enemies (cats, squirrels, bobbies, etc., plus Horace, Jasper, and Cruella herself), and rescue your siblings. show. ...and it'll be good as new. Let's try over there. I'm sorry, Lucky.|This is all my fault. "Try again" Who-o-o-o-a! What's happened? This is it.|This is megafantabulous! Good gracious gravy,|look at that! 1-48 of 88 photos. AKA: 101 Dalmatians: The Animated Sequel. Lightning, little buddy. It's not fair, Horace,|me lad. Ha ha.|Master of disguise. Link to this movie: Being one of 101 takes its toll on Patch, who doesn't feel unique. Right.|Anyone not here, speak up. Pongo: (narrating) No, no, not that one. I know it's you. We haven't lost the doggies|or anything. "Caboodle lay-dee-ee-ee" But you... You said|that you'd help us. Funny how we never heard|the lift. Dad never liked you either. And you're 101,|and you're 101. How could you do such a thing|to the cute little puppies? "I'm the one" Blech! Hey, Thunderbolt,|over here! This is Thunderbolt! Do not mourn me|when I am gone! I'm your|biggest fan, Thunderbolt! The mutts must already|be downstairs. Lars: I have yet to find anyone who truly understood... ...their bleak but beautiful meaning... ...that is... until I met you. Can I do that again? 90... - Oh, no.|- We don't want you. ", (Post Credit Scene: it shows Dirty Dawson laughing maniacally in a desert, until Thunderbolt and Patch barks and all the other Dalmatians formed a stampede.). Oh, stop being|such a wet blanket... - You don't.|- What do you mean, I don't? What do we do now, Patch? Looks like we've stumbled|on a band of cattle rustlers. "And a legend you are not" - Aaah! Don't worry, kid.|This will be Take Two. - Aah!|- Aah! I've always wanted|to play a big death scene... Or... That could work, too. Mr. Fenwick: You know very well that the terms of your probation... ...don't allow me to sell you any more furs. - Yoo-hoo!|- Hello, handsome! Dad? "Caboodle lay-dee-ooh-ooh" overrated,|overacting ham! I'll have|to figure out a way... Wow! Yes! Phew! Come on! play_arrow. "A one-of-a-kind" What are you doing here? You can do this. Oh, Lightning, this is just...|About the greatest thing ever! Uh, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104... ...and Patch... 105. Oh, I'm right behind you,|pal. - Ugh! 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure (2002 Video) Photo Gallery. I don't believe it! Just follow a Kanine Krunchies truck... ...down to tomorrow's auditions... ...where one lucky pup will win the opportunity... appear as a guest on the show. - Aah! And by the way... Being one of 101 takes its toll on Patch, who doesn’t feel unique. Give me that! "Try, try again" I'll put this mongrel|out of its misery! The mine collapses.|- No. They suck all the blood|out of yo-o-o-o-u! Wait. "And again, yeah" Ladies, ladies,|you're wearing me out. Wait a minute. "And again, yeah" Oh, dear. Whoa! Lars: Could you bear the sweet agony of seeing more? Are you all having tea? "They make each meal|a special treat" Here now.|Where did you come from? Cruella: The possibility of triumph, the certainty of defeat... ...the culmination of all I've ever reached for... ...but could not grasp! Come on.|We're gonna hitch a ride. Something I guess I should have|told you a long time ago. - Jasper.|- What? Over. He'll save us! your dog|a one-of-a-kind wonder dog? He had a birdie in his mouth. Hey, what a coincidence. The endearing tale of Disney’s animated classic 101 Dalmatians continues to unfold in the delightful, all-new 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure. Available on. play_arrow. Wait a second...|Thunderbolt! ...doing this real hero|stuff. Oh, come now! "A one-of-a-kind now, baby" (They chased the bandit into the sunset.). Wholesome Tommy: Ahh, Thunderbolt, you're one-of-a-kind! Ow! That's what I do. Ohh! That's almost as good. ...rescues the world-famous|101 Dalmatians. You remember, I'm the one with the spots.". Nothing, Mum. Game… - Ooh. He's havin' a wobbly. Whoa! I'm a genius! What's he mean? I have failed you, my muse. Now, if I were me,|what would I do? - Wee! Hey, squeaky toy. ...and got a great, big,|round boulder, and then... This kid trusted you,|and look where it's got him. - Aaah! دانلود قسمت 12 فصل 2 سریال هم گناه; دانلود قسمت 17 سریال خواب زده; دانلود قسمت 21 سریال دل; دانلود قسمت 26 سریال کرگدن "The only question's"When?" "You might hit the top" What have we here? We always get the worst end|of it with her. What does Cruella de Vil have left to live for? -|Aaah! Me? - Aaah. We missed you very much,|Patch. HoloLens PC Mobile device Xbox 360 Trailer. Well, that figures. Ohh! Mum, Dad,|the devil woman got us! How am I supposed to get my job|back if you're all having tea? What has gotten|into you, girl? Nope, we're going up. He was fantastic! So, let's talk|about you, kid. Why, it's splendid! "A one-of-a-kind" Phew. "Cherry Tree Farm, Little Tichfield, Devon." Directed by Jim Kammerud, Brian Smith. "You might need|a second chance" - How odd.|- Aah! ...on these innocent|little creatures' heads! Ugh! ...and they'll be begging|to keep me on the show. N- Not even|for a reunion show? ...have been quenched! Ah, don't be too harsh|on them, little buddy. Anita: Well, quit fooling around. "I'm the one" Thought you might need|a bit of help. Friend. But there's just no sign|of Thunderbolt anywhere. 1:00. Overview System Requirements Related. 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure. Oh, my! - Aaah! - " Again and again and again, yeah! The important thing now|is that we find him... It's Patch! Download or stream from your Apple TV, Roku, Smart TV, computer or portable device. Oh, this is awful. And here's his sidekick|extraordinaire... Huh? "Mimmy-zop ba-dum, ta-dum,|yeah" Come on! How hard can it be? I did have|this one crazy thought. ...the ever-trusty|Little Lightning! "So if at first|you don't succeed" I ain't going through|with this, I tell you! "Try, try again" -|Aaah. I thought you were|a man of vision... Oh, stop blaming|yourself, dear. WishingTikal. I don't know how to thank you|for saving my family. Ugh! Say, who sat|on the squeaky toy? ...s-somehow. Aaah! ...someone who understood|my passions... "Cherry Tree Farm,|Little Tichfield, Devon." "Caboodle lay-dee-ooh" Of course, son. 76, 77, 78, 79... 81, 82, 83... Oh! Well, I've successfully|lost count again. Hold on. Aaaaah! What's the matter|with you English people? Perdita: And best of all... ...we'll be miles away from that evil, ugly monster... Cruella: Cruella de Vil! 1:10. Fellas, I'm not with them! I guess|just one more time couldn't hurt. Huh? The villains|will soon cringe in fear! Oh, leave us alone, Jasper. - Lightning?|- Lightning! - Aah!|- Aah! No. I'm trying to get|me beauty sleep. ...prove to 'em|that you still got it. "Try and try and then" I'll|keep an eye on things here. Oh, that's my pet, Roger. 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch’s London Adventure Share 2003 | G | 1h 14m | Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Family, Musical. ...without even leaving|a forwarding address. I'm counting. There you are,|my good man. ...and rescued those orphans and|then the dam broke and... And... We'll rewrite this episode|and star Little Lightning! Right then.|That's 1 and 2 and, uh... every episode of the show, you know,|like squeaky toy here, then I could... - Ooh. The press is always around|when I do something. - Only it's also like episode 64...|- You can do this. "Happy thoughts|for those who eat" - Whoa! It's staying on top.|That's the real challenge. That's me. And now I have you all. ...are you playing dead? I shall not betray|your faith in me! I- I'd never be rid of him. My heart! Oh! Patch, help me! Oh-ho-ho! Ugh! You stick with me. Help is on the way! Wow! - Ugh! I mean, maybe if I could|remember what happened... You'll help us, won't you? Here they come! "Try, try, try again" Even worse...|monkey rustlers! What's that supposed to be? ...and none of these|London photographers... "If you don't give in,|you're gonna win" There are big green fields and a stream... ...and a barn and lots of different animals. It was released on November 20, 2003. 101 Dalmatians: The Series. Oh, the shapes|aren't at all acceptable. Yeah! Hey! Hold it. I should have known|it was you terrible men! Thanks for coming,|little buddy. Hey, do you think|you can reach that? "And your shoes|refuse to dance" No wonder. Just 98 more to go! Lars: I will create a masterpiece... ...if you will be my... muse. Patch, being the most iconic of all the pups, was featured in the animated movies (even gaining the staring and title role in the sequel). A star. Thunder. "Try again" my dinghy of passion. Oh, no. - Ask him.|- Wha... Whoo-hoo! "A one-of-a-kind" That is my family.|Cruella must have them again. For howling out loud!|Now you've blown my cover. "Is to keep on keepin' on" How can you shoot a show|without a star? Oh, my heart goes out to|the poor, helpless creature. "Caboodle lay-dee-ee-ooh" The look on your face|is thanks enough. How many 101 s are there? Thunder's gonna grab the whip. It is enough that you were|here at the end. trivial matters|like restraining orders. In London? Aah! So, what's the plan, kid? Well,|what do you think? Oh! - " Again and again and again, yeah! Are you all right, son? Watch this. Oh, this is delicious! "Try, try, try again" Good night, sweet prince. - Ugh! Pre-cisely! That's right.|How hard can it be? Thunder... Pre-cisely! Ohh! I think I'm seeing spots! 1 Physical Appearance/Personality 2 Images of side/butt 3 In Zoo Doctor 4 Links 5 Gallery Slender German Shepherd dog, brown fun, black nose, red collar with a yellow earnest … Here... Start searching. Ugh! Oh, fickle bird|of inspiration... They're all gone? It's just awful! All this place needs is a proper|dusting, a splash of paint... "A one-of-a-kind" Here's a feisty one. "A doggone son of a gun|now, baby" Aaah! He's been faking it,|all right. I shall not stop until|the fires of your craving... Get out of the way.|We want... Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt! Oh, no!|I don't have a script! Oh, it's just wonderful. Anita: Nanny, do you have the new dog tags? Uh-oh. They didn't even miss me. Perdita: But you know your show doesn't start until after... "The Mighty Thunderbolt Adventure Hour...". "Eeeb-a-dee-bop|sa-dum-wa-dum" Dirty Dawson: Ya-ohhh! - Ugh! Ohh! 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure is a 2003 animated film. "Try, try, try again" "And if at first|you don't succeed" I made all that up. Ha ha! Pongo: (narrating) "It seems like such a short time ago that my pet and I were just lazing about in our little London flat, living the humdrum, bachelor life, and wishing things weren't so very, very dull. Ahhh. N/A. Hey, Thunderbolt,|how do you become... Episode 53,|"The Mine Shaft Mix-up." Hey, where's he going? Patch? Hey, genius,|you're no hero! Pre-cisely! And you mean for me to do|a painting of them, don't you? ...and you found|a long plank of wood... Okay,|now the rest of you. Hmm? Darkness and light, form and content. - That one was a classic.|- Okay, okay, don't panic. DETAILS. Huh? Oh, my! Cruella: Mr. Fenwick, please, something, anything. "Try, try again" ...finally I'll be able|to step out of your shadow... 101 Dalmatians Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. "Kanine Krunchies|can't be beat" Afternoon, love. No need to thank me. Hmm? Patch: Hold on, Tommy! I'm sorry, all right? When he's accidentally left behind on moving day, he meets his idol, Thunderbolt, who enlists him on a … How hard could it be? Aw, what is it with... ...before|Cruella De Vil does. Spots! "Try, try, try again" Uh... Not now, Patch. Episode 18. It must be good ol' Dad. There are some timed bonus rounds (i.e. Patch: Oh, I've seen this one. But it simply has to be better|than your best, darling. Art! I may be eccentric,|but I am not a sicko! You lied to me? "A doggone son of a gun|now, baby" It's remarkable! But you... "Oh, yeah" - Aaah! Cat got your tongue? No, no, no, no, no, no! Patch: Dad! Ladies and gentlemen,|boys and girls... Only one more night in this little flat which was getting smaller by the minute. Wow! And above all you will get premium content of online streaming services for free. Jasper, Horace! Say, kiddies! - Listen, pup...|- Patch. I know exactly where to find|the inspiration we crave. Stand back! The tea! Ha ha! "...only in the night" You look just like Mum. But I only give it to pups|who I think might be worthy. Get him! Spots! are a real,|one-of-a-kind wonder dog. Me, I'm just an actor. ...maybe I'll even let you|be on the show with me. What do you mean? play_arrow. - 98...|- I've been thinking. I owe you a debt of gratitude,|my photogenic little friend. Now, where do you suppose|we'll put the music room? Aaah! Aaah! Hij droomt ervan een 'Wonderhond' te worden, net als zijn favoriete televisiester, Superwoef. Ahh! This could be the cure for my craving! And we were trapped,|and then Patch got us out! You may also like. FOR SALE! Description. How are you doin', kid? ...and we chase cats, so... I put on an act.|I'm an actor. ...well, kid, that's what I|wanted to talk to you about. 101, Dalmatians, II:, Patch\u0027s, London, Adventure, 101, Dalmatians, II:, Patch\u0027s, London, Adventure, Roger, Anita and their canine clan are packing for the big move to Dalmatian Plantation, a home in the country with plenty of room for the 101 pups and far … Oh, that's my pet, Roger. I just|can't understand it. ...or just...|one of 101? "Delicious Kanine Krunchies" We've been out here doing|hero stuff all day... But episode 29|is still the best... Europea Servizi Ambientali Srl. Ohh! HD. You know,|they're right, kid. That was champion, Thunder,|just like on the telly! Thunderbolt, old pal... Now let those puppies go|right now... It was your son, Patch,|who... Ugh! Oh, this is art,|after all. - Thunder!|- Lightning, little buddy. Did you see|what Patch just did? This ain't fair! Disney's 101 Dalmations II - Patch's London Adventure PSX Gameplay.avi. That stagecoach|is out of control! Uh, uh,|something I can do... Follow me. Patch: Yes. We're moving first thing in the morning! Here now, lady. ...with our ruthless|originality! Shut up, you! Thunderbolt, old pal! Jasper fell asleep. They're here to get|a big eyeful of... Lars: Something tortures you? Whoa! No, no, no, like this.|Ahem. What? Shut your yapping! Oh, please?|Just do it one more time. Don't you agree? - Yeah, it'll be a catwalk.|- Cakewalk. Do I get an evil twin? I just...|acted like one once. Dispatch to Car 47. How can you shoot a show|without a star? Will you do a painting just for me... ease my pain? Not as long as I have anything|to say about it! I'm hungry. They're gonna replace you|with a younger dog. What...|what's the matter, kid? Waaa! I simply must meet him! "Don't you ever stop, no" I'm planning on doing some|more big-hero stuff today. I always arrive|just in the nick of time. It's time to finish the job. 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure is a 2003 American animated direct-to-video adventure comedy film produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and Walt Disney Animation Japan, and the sequel to the 1961 Disney animated film One Hundred and One Dalmatians.It was written and directed by Jim Kammerud and Brian Smith, and released by Walt Disney Home Entertainment on January 21, 2003. Say "spots". Ha ha ha! Aah! What if... You went out|and did something heroic... I just had to get you|out of the way. know, when you got that barrel|and dragged it next to the cliff... - Pooch...|- Patch. "He's one-of-a-kind" Well, of course. No, no, don't thank me. ...she'll skin us. Oh my God, is it possible? "Try again, yeah! ดูหนัง 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure แพทช์ตะลุยลอนดอน เต็มเรื่อง พากย์ไทย ซับไทย ดูหนังออนไลน์ ฟรี HD ดูหนังฟรี Dad was right. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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